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New tool visualizes PageRank – very smart !

Tool renders web pages with PageRank information. If you are into search engine optimization, this tool may be

The Google AdSense website is temporarily unavailable.

Man, first time Adsense is offline for me. Not that I make much money on my ads on

Google Search History – Your personalized search statistics

When you start using Googles features as much as I am, you start discovering the benefits across all the Google tools.

Google Search History Calendar View
Search History
One nice feature is the ability to review and search what you have been searching for on Google. When logged in, Google will save your searchresults and can show them to you over time.

Google is working on personalized searches, […]

Search blogs with Google Blog Search

Google is blogging, and … is also indexing blogs – Blog search. Google does an good job, others are still ahead. Never mind who is ahead, Google is […]

AdSense adcoloring – strange I thought ugly banners performed best

I heard that the ugly sites and banners perform the best. However, AdSense states that banners that are

Linkbaits – Link bait – SEO

Quoting an entire article, too tired to review it, you should read it, if Linkbaiting is intersting for

Firefox – the fastest and safest browser- download overview of mozilla web

Firefox mozilla browser is the best Firefox is growing explosively in use. Earlier Microsoft didn’t see Firefox as

SEO Good pratices – does and don’ts

Michael Murray does some good articles on SEO, here is his latest. Be sure to check his other

Golden Triangle – Googles readingpattern

Users read resultpages at Google in triangles, what’s now been called “the Golden Triangle”. Users scan from top


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