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Google – You visited this page – oplysning til dig

Når du foretager en søgning i Google, registrerer Google hvad du har søgt på. Hvis du logger ind

Google Site: Søgning Gør din søgning bedre. Se hvordan

Når du søger på nettet, er der rigtigt mange genveje og fif der kan gøre din søgning bedre.


Zippy.co.uk - Zippy.com

Zippy.co.uk, a new searchengine feature. You can view most important results on your on website. Try it our, spend a few minutes to learn it. It’s got great info, really !

I.e. this link is a search on my URL.

Consumers Buy Clothes Online

I have been waiting for this sign. I believe this is a great sign, consumers apear to buy

Google job – job at Google ?

If you are looking for at job at Google, all you have to do is search.

Google can have so much fun with their index. They can present whatever they want, make special searches return special results etc. I often wonder what Easter eggs they have on Google.com, or if they have clowns employed to make fun on the site.

Google Career Job […]

Searchengines and democracy

Don’t be evil, is a frase associated with Google (link to article on subejct). Google is your friend, is the impression most people have. The searchengine helps you find relevant information fast and effectively. You think.

But, consider this. Google sorts the index according to advanced logarithms and presents in the SERP (search engine resultpage). Let’s say you want to go on holiday, and do a search for cheap trips, flights, hotels to, let’s say Paris. You think Google is your friend and returns an objective result on who is in that business.

But, actually Google returns a first page, which 90% or more people choos[…]

Stealing BMW website – stat company rips off BMW

What’s this, has someone been quick to rip off BMWs website and misery ? BMW Statistics – or ??

Search google for site: BMW.de. The first result is apparently a link to a statistics service in the BWM domain. I hardly believe that BWM has a company doing statistics.

If the site is offline, have a look at the search result from google, and the website apparently on BMW’s domaine here

BMW search result from google:
BMW Google Result

Firefox – the fastest and safest browser- download overview of mozilla web

Firefox mozilla browser is the best Firefox is growing explosively in use. Earlier Microsoft didn’t see Firefox as

Google Pagerank – a need to know in SEO

Want more traffic, want popularity ? Increase your Google Pagerank, and your on that path. Google pagerank is

Googlebot is your trusted friend

If you’re into tracking your visitors, one visitor that is always there, and very very often, is Googlebot.