Google Tools

Overview of Googles nice features, google-tools, Google services, Google Googel Gooogel Goog

Google New Years additions

No new years additions at google ? What’s up Google. No new features launched at new years ?

Golden Triangle – Googles readingpattern

Users read resultpages at Google in triangles, what’s now been called “the Golden Triangle”. Users scan from top

Google Musicsearch – Albums Artists Songs

Wow, when will Google ever stop. It’s christimas stress now, but they seem in no hurry to get


On vacation from gmail ? Help is near

Automatic vacation response Google seem to launch an “automatic vacation response” on Gmail. Going for the complete mailwebclient,

Google personalized homepage – now with API

I’m really looking forward to seeing the effects of Google latest feature, the ability to add new applications

Search specific filetypes on Google

Search specific filetypes You can search i.e. for ptt or pdf or doc files, using this format: “filetype:ppt

Google labs – where the future is made

Google labs Have a look at what they’re up to in the Google lab.

Google Suggest – how do they do that ?

Google Suggest Google suggest is impressive. It’ll suggest searches as you type, and even show you the number

Your Google search history – a nice feature

Your Google search history If your logged in to Google (, you can get an overview of your

Google webaccelerator – supposed to speed you up

Google webaccelerator. Google has a little application that is supposed to speed up you webdownloads: Google webaccelerator. I