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I like strategic games.

Battlefield 2 people that are extreme good pilots

Done a bit of Battlefield 2 playing. Some people spend much time traning, and geee, do the own those games afterwards 🙂

Inspiration, you just have to visit: Samorost

I just had to show you this link. Found it on, Erik Kjær Larsen the editor of mentioned it as a favourite link.

A flash adventure game by yet another tjeck animationexpert. Save your planet from Armageddon. The game is available in […]

PunkBuster help – Online Countermeasures help

Banned by PunkBuster ? Would you like to get unbanned, then here are some helping hints, on how

How to unban global hardware ban from PunkBuster

Battlefield2 EA Games Global Hardware Ban Punktbuster

PunkBuster ban – means all PB-games forever !

Global ban – punkbuster and Battlefield 2 WOW, they meant it. My personal computer will never be able