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Google Doodles – Googles sjov med logoer

Google har faktisk humor. Forleden arbejdede jeg i Google Tag Manager, og på et tidspunkt i forløbet, da

Timelapse – Flotteste timelapse videoer til præsentationer

Ofte hvis jeg skal præsentere en oplæg på en projektor til et møde, starter jeg med at vise

Google Aprilsnar 2013

Hvert år laver Google en aprilsnar. I år går den på at du kan dufte med Google søgning.

Try those funny flash banners you want to click but dont because they will make you buy junk

Ever wanted to click those banners, hammer the monkeys, shoot the president, whack the mailman etc etc, but


Get down – video – two girls getting down :)

Sorry, just had to share this funny video with you !!!! […]

Fantastic webcam showoff by bowiechick – a girl showing off

webcam_girlThis girl demonstrates her new webcam, it looks great and made me want one. Haven’t bought it though.

This 17 year old chick demonstrates how the webcamera automatically follows her around in her bedroom. With the camera she can add mustaches […]

Watch NBA video on Google Video

Sometimes the Google guys must be having so much fun. With a website like google, most things are


Carneval in Rio with Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is so funny, Ardnold is now governing California… lol But hey, he’s like every other man, facinated


Google Musicsearch – Albums Artists Songs

Wow, when will Google ever stop. It’s christimas stress now, but they seem in no hurry to get