Administrator – Review of a social monitoring platform

Just had a demo and a thoughough talk with Jan Mortensen from and partner of

He did an inspiring talk on monitoring and the importance of Social Media. As a consultant I discuss this with my customers very often, I advice them, but seldom get to monitoring. This is surely due to the low traffic on some of our customers, being a “small” web environment in Denmark.

Jan did a fast demo of Conversation Minor, the tool from Coverseon. There are many compeeting solutions that can monitor, Radian6 is one, but it was really good to get a local demo, and in Danish.

At my work, we can sell hours on guiding my clients to monitoring and working with social media. I’d be happy to suggest this tool.

social media listening and monitoring

Companies should start monitoring. Huge international companies, should be there allready, most are not, but midt size companies and also smaller companies should get working, now.

So, have a look at one of the tools, i.e. – free phonecalls on your iPhone/iPod

Had a talk the other day with some collegues, was mentioned, and I went to have a look. just converted my sons iPod to an iPhone, in a few clicks. is an App that makes wifi calls to others who installed Viber.

All you need is a phonenumber, and you can make your call. RECOMMENDED 🙂

Go Download Viber now, it’s free 🙂


Fascination and addiction, what is it that the internet does to us

A long time ago, I got interested in technology. It began with a Commodore I got for birthday, I started writing machine code, what a waste of time. I managed to get a little guy to jump across the screen. A decade or two later, I tried Bulletin Board Systems, I did gopher, text seach on an early internet, and text, turn based games with students across the world.

I ended up doing a masters in communication, writing about interpersonal communication and the internet, for I’ve now done 15 years or so of work, in this business. My professional as well as personal life is permeated with technology.

What is it that fascinates me and people so much with the internet, that they live virtual lives there? I’ve spend days, weeks, months on games, and sometimes still do, gaming with people I dont know, competing, working together etc.

This is what drives me, the urge to find out, explore, study, the forces that makes us go online, link up etc. as much as we do. I recently read an article that sais something like, people play games and level their characters because it makes them feel like the are good at something, and often the challenges at just about repeating and spending as much time on the task as possible.. I’m sure this is true for games.

I say that this is true for social media too, for tons of people. People link up, connect, join networks and the like, because it makes them feel like they achieve something.Many of the mechanisms out there are very addictive. Many are very fun, some bring meaning and value, and most try to get you to spend as much time with them as possible. As you probably do too, or hopefully, I often wonder about the value of what Im doing on the internet og with games etc etc. Often I come the conclusion that it’s a waste of time, but lately, I’m getting better at accepting the facts. Makes it much easier to do the stuff I do, when I’m aware of what it brings me, or doen’t bring me, in terms of personal value.

I’m schooled in business. The combination of business and addictive concepts is very strong. There is a lot of money to be made, and that is nice, but think about the value it brings you, besides getting rich. I’m always “surfing” to get inspiration, experience to use in my work, and often just for fun. But I wonder, if there always should be a value in your time spend. I would like to think that there is. Sometimes I must admit, its just a waste of time. Its ok when Im aware, but I would so much love to spend my time on purposes that brings meaning into the internet, value to the users, and in the end a way of living to me. I get paid to derive meaning and combine concepts to value/meaning for businesses, and that is fun.

I hope to find that one addictive concept, that will be my way of living, and that would bring meaning, maybe a fun time, and value some people. Real value.

Google Reader Shortcuts – very nice and usefull

Google Shortcuts

I use Google Reader to keep updated on all my subjects, work as private. And with the Shorcuts, that I honestly have to get use to, often mixing with the browser shortcuts, Google Reader is just great.

Google Reader Keyboard shortcuts

Try using Google Reader and pres “Shit + +” (shift and the Plus sign). This will show you the shortcuts yourself. I’ll attach an image to this post.

The chortcurts are:

“Google Reader keyboard shortcuts”

j/k: next/previous item
space: next item or page
+ space: previous item or page
n/p: item scan down/up (list only)
+ n/p: next/previous subscription
+ x: expand folder
+ o: open subscription or folder

g then h: go home
g then a: go to all items
g then s: go to starred items
g then + s: go to shared items
g then u: open subscription selector
g then t: open tag selector
g then + t: open trends page

Acting on items
s: star item
+ s: share item
v: view original
t: tag item
m: mark item as read/unread
o/enter: expand/collapse item (list only)
+ a: mark all as read
e: email item

r: refresh
u: toggle full screen mode
1: switch to expanded view
2: switch to list view

Sharepoint ruins Zip-files

Appraently Sharepoint 2003 ruins zip-files. A pain that gave my sp2003 installation an extra challenge. As if Sharepoint hasn’t given us enough of those:

“A common question that I see in the Microsoft Public newsgroup on Sharepoint Portal Server is when companies decide to put zip files in Document libraries and then once downloaded become corrupt. The route cause of this problem is actually IIS and not Sharepoint hence this Whitepaper will show you how to change the settings in IIS in order to support Zip files without corruption.”

Read the attached PDF to view the sharepoint zip-solution.