Fantastic webcam showoff by bowiechick – a girl showing off

webcam_girlThis girl demonstrates her new webcam, it looks great and made me want one. Haven’t bought it though.

This 17 year old chick demonstrates how the webcamera automatically follows her around in her bedroom. With the camera she can add mustaches, hats, become a mouse, laugh, buzz like a bee, etc etc.

It’s a must see if you like funny videos and webcams.
Watch it here

She also made this funny video, featuring a leather mask among other things 🙂

Here are her personal websites:

Oh yeah, the webcam is a Quickcam Orbit MP.

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  1. SIW 12 years ago

    Bowiechick’s Blog

  2. Sommerferier 12 years ago

    Yes , nice site 😉

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